Author David Lubar Reachs Reluctant Children and Teens

It wasn’t uncommon for a 10-year-old David Lubar to be tossed out of his Morristown elementary school class for talking incesantly, according to the author who spoke to 50 of his most loyal Highland Park fans, many of them boys.

“That’s what started me off reading,” Lubar admitted. “Where do you send the noisiest kid, to the quietest place, the school library.”

It was also the place where his mother worked as a school librarian. “She always handed me books so I would stop talking.”

David Lubar has published 20 books including Sleeping Freshman Never Lie, The Weenie Series, Dunk, The Talents, and Hidden Talent.

“His creativity and humor inspire even the most reluctant readers to pick up his books,” Fran Lee, children’s librarian at the Highland Park Public Library, said. “David Lubar is able to write with a child’s perspective on life.  He gets write down to their level and it works to make them readers.”

Lubar reported that as a child he wanted to be a comedy writer because he loved the popular 1960’s Dick Van Dyke Show that focused on a group of writers who worked on a popular network variety show. His first year as a writer, after graduating with a Philosophy Degree from  Rutgers university, he made only $8. His second year, he made ten times as much pulling in $80.

To supplement the beginning of his writing career Lubar worked as a writer for computer companies and graduated to  creating such video game favorites as Froggy and Home Alone.

Some of the books that have inspired him are A Bridge To Terabithia, To Kill a Mocking Bird, Enders Game, and Matilda.

“The secret to writing,” he told his young readers,  “is revising, because it makes everything better.”

The Place he gets his best ideas for books, “in the Shower.”


About valeri84

I am the cultural reporter for the Highland Park Mirror and I am also the Coordinator of Circulation and Public Relations for the Highland Park Public Library. I am responsible for adult programming for the library and for the past seven years have founded and organized The Friends of the Library Poetry Night Series. My poetry will appear in the Fall 2012 Patterson Literary Review.
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