Blogging Advice from Blogger Leora Wenger

Just as in all aspects of social life, sharing, being polite and respectful as well as providing good information will make you a popular blogger.

As a beginning blogger, Leora Wenger’s workshop, held at the Highland Park Public Library in early June tuned me into the details of what it means to be a successful blogger. She not only spoke about why we want to blog,  (to share books, experiences, photos, travel) but also about the etiquet of blogging. “My first blog I wrote about all kinds of things, I experimented,” Leora shared with our group.

Before the workshop, she asked six of her blogger friends questions and here are some of their responses. “Content is king. In other words if you write garbage other people will not want to look at it,” Leora emphasized. “Be prepared to invest time to post on a regular basis. If you have never done it before write a few drafts and then publish them when you are ready.”

Focus on one piece of information. Focus on your voice. Be brave, remember they are all afraid of making apple pie and you already know how to do it. (Of couse apple pie is a methaphor in this respect, but you can blog about it.

Be prepared to read other people’s blogs. Get links back to your own blog. Use your own name and be polite as possible. Put a link back to your blog.  Comment Luv plugin is a way to get your blogs publicized at other sites.

What is the differene between a blog and a website? Blogs consist of articles, called posts.

Categories can include anything your writing about and are hierarchical. Painting, ex. books, literature. Tags can be types of painting. if you have too many categories, you can write a tag.

When you add a new post you can type in a heading and then your content.  Always remember to save your work.

Can you make money blogging? Yes, but at first don’t think about that.

You can make money by selling your own services, sell someone else’s ads on your site, Google Ads, text link ads, affiliate marketing., set up a donation box, use paypal.

If you use your own email, be prepared to get spam.

Businesses use blogs to inform customers who want to learn more in depth information. You can localize and personalize your business by adding a blog.

Problogger is one of the most well known. If you want to make money, his blog can be very informative. He has a friendly tone and he is a good teacher. He encouraged his audience to leave comments. He is the Bill Clinton of Bloggers.

A Blog is a good way to get people to develop trust before you try to sell to them. In other words, it can be a powerful marketing technique. Copyblogger is another popular blogger personality. Platforms for blogging include Blogger,, self hosted WordPress (Leora’s favorite), Tumblr, Google, YouTube – video as a form of blogging? It can  complement your blog.

Tumbler is cute, but people often post images they shouldn’t.  They also post things without giving credit or asking permission. You should read the creative liscenses of photographers before using their work.

Google plus is like a blog but if you don’t want to set up an official blog, you can share your ideas. Some  people like to talk and not write. You can set up a camera and talk.

Use strong passwords so you will not get hacked. “Write for the reader, tweak for the search engines.”

Be friendly to other bloggers. Guest posting is a way to introduce your writing to new blog communities.


About valeri84

I am the cultural reporter for the Highland Park Mirror and I am also the Coordinator of Circulation and Public Relations for the Highland Park Public Library. I am responsible for adult programming for the library and for the past seven years have founded and organized The Friends of the Library Poetry Night Series. My poetry will appear in the Fall 2012 Patterson Literary Review.
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